Auto Paint & Restoration Services for Your Vehicle

in Roanoke, VA

We Take Care of Your Vehicle’s Repairs from Start to Finish

When you trust Wooding’s Auto Body Works to take care of your vehicle’s auto body repairs, we are happy to also provide any auto paint services you may need, as well. Whether you just need some touch-ups after a fender bender, you need an entire door or hood matched to the rest of your car after serious damage, or you would like your car to be a different color entirely, the auto paint experts at Wooding’s Auto Body Works can easily apply the desired paint to your vehicle.

Contact us today for a free estimate on our auto paint services: (540) 345-4871.

Small Paint Touch-Ups are No Problem

If your car, truck, SUV, or minivan was dented and has paint missing, or has paint flaking off, you probably want to protect your car by getting the paint touched up. Small touch ups are no problem for the auto paint team at Wooding’s Auto Body Works. 

We can match the color to your vehicle’s current paint job, so that by the time we are done, no one will be able to tell you needed to have work done.


Change the Color of Your Car’s Paint Completely

Wooding’s Auto Body Works has a wide variety of paint colors to choose from if you would like to completely give your car a whole new paint job. Perhaps you no longer like the color of your car. Or maybe you made some poor custom color decisions when you were younger. 

No matter the case, the experts at Wooding’s Auto Body Works can help you choose the perfect color for your vehicle.


Enhance Your Classic or Antique Car with a Beautiful Paint Job

If you have an antique or classic car that you are either restoring or getting us to help you restore, the paint color you choose can either make or break your restoration. We have a variety of classic colors that can make your car pop, or we can use a color that is more authentic to your car’s model year.