Professionals Dent & Scratch Repair Services for Your Vehicle

in Roanoke, VA

Repair Scratches & Dents in Your Vehicle in Roanoke, VA

Scratches and small dents can happen without your knowledge, and while they are not a major problem, they can be annoying and affect the look and appearance of your car, truck, SUV, or minivan. Wooding’s Auto Body Works has been repairing small dents and scratches for years, so we know how to remove them quickly and easily, getting you back on the road and your car looking like new in no time.

If you have a small dent or scratch from a runaway shopping cart or hail, contact our team of experts today: (540) 345-4871.

Wooding’s Fixes All Kinds of Dents & Scratches

Door Dings

Fallen Tree Damages

Fender Benders


Minor Creases

Minor Accidents

Parking Lot Dings

Weather Damage ...And More!

Restore Your Vehicle to Off-the- Lot Condition

Scratches and small dents can accumulate when you have had your vehicle for years. Whether your dents and scratches are big or small, the expert dent repair team at Wooding’s Auto Body Works can remove them all. We know the best ways to get dents out of your doors, trunks, bumpers, hoods, and more, so your car, truck, SUV, or minivan will leave our shop looking like it is fresh off the car lot.

We guarantee that you will not be able to tell your vehicle was even dented.

Damage Caused by Hail is No Problem for Wooding’s Auto Body Works

Hail is one of the most harmful forms of weather we can get in the Roanoke, VA area. Depending on its size, it can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. If your vehicle has dents because of a hailstorm, contact Wooding’s Auto Body Works. We are experts at removing large and small dents caused by weather.

Our team will work hard to fix all of the dents, and even touch up paint, if necessary.